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  • Aug 01

    Red Moon Road

    Red Moon Road makes a much bigger sound than one would expect from a trio. With Sheena front and center, flanked by "her two Daniels", it's a visually-appealing, high-energy and well-choreographed show incorporating: impeccable three-part harmonies, a roots drum kit split entertainingly but pragmatically between Sheena and the "Hatted-Daniel" (who also strums an acoustic guitar with an extra custom pickup allowing him to simultaneously play bass), the Franco-Manitoban "Moustached-Daniel" covering lead parts on mandolin, banjo, lap steel, and organ (sometimes within the same song) while Sheena's unmistakable heart-moving and soulful voice soars above it all. The commanding and engaging presentation is equal parts polished songwriting, undeniable musicianship, spontaneous repartee and seamlessly-blended, masterful storytelling; the last a dimension in which the band is both renown and unique.

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