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  • Sep 19


    Since the first Irish fishermen travelled west, captivated by the promises of this abundant land, Newfoundland has been a bastion of Ireland's enchanting cultural heritage. It is a place where people still speak with the unmistakable lilt of their distant ancestors and where the rhythms of traditional music echo ancient tunes brought from far across the ocean. Their immigrant forefathers, of strong Munster stock, braved the harsh winds and tumultuous waves. By the mid-1800s, they comprised half the population of Newfoundland, leaving an indelible mark on the history, society and culture of the province. Through a unique musical lens, Cordeen will explore the legacy of the Irish in Newfoundland as they trace the story of traditional music, from songs of home to fresh new fusions.

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    Limited seating at the door or call 4642424

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